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Kate Moss Testifies For Johnny Depp: “No, he never pushed me, kicked me or tossed me down any steps,”

Kate Moss has affirmed for Johnny Depp in the slander preliminary.

Depp, 58, is suing ex Heard, 36, in a $50 million (£38.2 million) slander claim over misuse claims she made in a 2018 article in The Washington Post, albeit Heard didn’t explicitly make reference to Depp by name in the commentary.

The British supermodel, who dated Depp during the 1990s, showed up in court by video connect from an area in Gloucestershire today (25 May).

The justification for why she was gotten by Depp’s lawful group was on the grounds that, in court, Heard depicted talk that Depp had pushed Moss down a stairway.

After Heard offered the remark, as displayed by means of viral video film, Depp’s lawful group were seen seeming to celebrate.

Presently, after scarcely two minutes, Kate Moss has completed the process of giving proof.

Benjamin Chew asked the model, whether Depp had at any point pushed her down steps while they were seeing someone.

“No, he never pushed me, kicked me or tossed me down any steps,” Moss answered.

She added: “And I shouted on the grounds that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what had befallen me and I was in torment.

“What’s more, he [Depp] came running back to help me and conveyed me to my room and got me clinical consideration.”

The supermodel, through videolink in Fairfax County District Court, said she descended the steps while traveling in Jamaica with the entertainer, which goes against what was affirmed by Heard.

Cathy Russon, Executive Producer at Law&Crime Trial Network, who have been broadcasting the preliminary, tweeted: “She says here had been a rainstorm and she slid down the steps. She shouted. #JohnnyDepp ran back to help her and conveyed her to her room, definitely stood out enough to be noticed.”

Last week during her declaration, Heard proposed she’s being depicted as being unscrupulous in light of the fact that Depp is a ‘greater star’ and has ‘greater exposure reach’.

She said: “My advantage is in my name – in demonstrating my innocence. At that point, I was being known as a ‘liar’ and my thought processes were being addressed.

“I saw it as essential to clear that up.”

She added: “I needed to say something to ensure there was no uncertainty. That I was unable to be named these things since Johnny was the greater star and had greater exposure reach.”



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