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Amber Heard Responds To Claims She Was Actually Acting In Her Testimony

Amber Heard has answered claims she was ‘acting’ in declaration she gave during her court fight with Johnny Depp.

Heard was asked by the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie: “In the end contentions, the Depp legal counselor called your declaration ‘the exhibition that could only be described as epic’ and said you were acting. What do you tell that?”

You can see her reaction underneath:

Heard answered: “Says the legal counselor for the one who persuaded the world he had scissors for fingers? …I paid attention to long stretches of declaration [saying] I’m a horrendous entertainer. I’m a piece confounded how I could be both.”

Heard was talking during a unique Today Show interview, which will be delivered in full not long from now, you can see it on Tuesday, June 14 and Wednesday, June 15 on NBC’s TODAY and Friday, June 17 on Dateline NBC 8.00pm/7.00pm CT.

She additionally talked about the ‘terrible’ things she did in the relationship, yet said she ‘consistently came clean’:

Albeit the 36-year-old star has shared proclamations about the preliminary on the web, this new plunk down interview denotes whenever she first has spoken inside and out about the decision.

Somewhere else in her meeting with Guthrie, Heard said she ‘doesn’t fault’ the jury, however called the negative online entertainment consideration she got ‘uncalled for’.

“I don’t fault them,” Heard shared. “I really get it. He’s a darling person and individuals feel they know him. He’s an incredible entertainer.”

Following her and Depp’s exceptionally pitched slander preliminary, Heard was requested by the US court to grant Depp $15 million in penalties over homegrown maltreatment claims she made in a 2018 commentary for The Washington Post.

Amber Heard Says Her Trial With Johnny Depp Wasn’t Fair
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These charges were subsequently covered at $10.35 million by Judge Penny Azcarate, and in a different decision Heard was granted $2 million in punitive fees by means of a counterclaim.

Examining the negative web-based entertainment consideration she got as the legal dispute unfurled, Heard told Guthrie: “I couldn’t care less about me or what decisions you need to make about what occurred in the security of my own home, in my marriage, in secret.

“I don’t assume the typical individual ought to know those things. Thus I don’t think about it literally.

“Yet, even someone who is certain I’m meriting this disdain and hostility, regardless of whether you feel that I’m lying, you actually couldn’t look at me without flinching and let me know that you think via online entertainment there’s been a fair portrayal.

“You can’t let me know that you believe that this has been fair.”



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