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Amber Heard Just Accuses Johnny Depp Of Physical Abuse Again During Interview

Amber Heard has demanded she will ‘remain by each expression of her declaration until the day she bites the dust’.

The Aquaman star emphasized claims her ex Johnny Depp ‘hit’ her during her initially plunk down interview since losing their high-profile slander preliminary.

Talking during a unique TODAY interview, which will be delivered in full in the not so distant future, Heard was asked by have Savannah Guthrie: “He [Depp] said he never hit you. Is that a falsehood?” Heard answered: “Yes it is.”

You can watch Heard offering the remark underneath:

The Aquaman entertainer added: “To my withering day, I will remain by each expression of my declaration.”

The mum-of-one’s full meeting will air on the 14 and 15 of June on NBC’s TODAY and Friday, June 17 on Dateline NBC 8.00pm/7.00pm CT.

Albeit Heard has shared explanations about the preliminary on the web, this new plunk down interview denotes whenever she first has spoken inside and out about the decision.

Heard was requested by the US court to grant Depp $15 million in punitive fees over homegrown maltreatment claims she made in a 2018 commentary for The Washington Post.

This new plunk down interview denotes the initial time Heard has spoken top to bottom about the decision. Credit: Alamy
The charges were subsequently covered at $10.35 million and in a different decision Heard was granted $2 million in punitive fees through a counterclaim.

Johnny Depp Could Sue Amber Heard Again Following Latest Interview, Expert Says
distributed atan hour prior
Somewhere else in the meeting, Heard said she ‘doesn’t fault’ the jury for the choice they came to, however called the negative online entertainment consideration she got ‘unjustifiable’.

“I don’t fault them,” Heard told Guthrie. “I really get it. He’s a cherished person and individuals feel they know him. He’s a fabulous entertainer.”

Of the negative online entertainment consideration, the star proceeded: “I couldn’t care less about me or what decisions you need to make about what occurred in the protection of my own home, in my marriage, away from plain view.

Johnny Depp won the criticism preliminary against Heard. Credit: Alamy

“I don’t assume the typical individual ought to know those things. Thus I don’t think about it literally.

“In any case, even someone who is certain I’m meriting this disdain and hostility, regardless of whether you feel that I’m lying, you actually couldn’t look at me without flinching and let me know that you think via web-based entertainment there’s been a fair portrayal. You can’t let me know that you imagine that this has been fair.”

Last month, Ron Schnell – a web-based entertainment master and an observer for Heard – told the court he saw in excess of 1,000,000 negative tweets about Heard over the span of the preliminary.



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